About Us

Since its founding in 2013, Yeshiva Gedolah Ohr HaTorah has become synonymous with energized learning, stemming from a happy desire to grow in every area of Avodas Hashem. The power of the individual attention given by the Rebbeim to every bochur help them achieve success in all three sedarim each day. With full dormitory facilities, meals arranged and all their needs taken care of, the bochurim are prepared to utilize their Bais Medrash years to the fullest.

Located in Baltimore, MD the Yeshiva has attracted attention across the United States. Bochurim from New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Dallas, Los Angeles and other smaller communities have come to find the Yeshiva they can call home. With the guidance of their dedicated Rebbeim and camaraderie among the talmidim, the light of Ohr HaTorah is shining brightly in Baltimore and across the country.