Rabbi Dovid Hoffman, Rosh Yeshiva

Opening Yeshiva Gedolah Ohr HaTorah seemed like a natural progression for Rabbi Hoffman who is known for his approachable, yet erudite personality. Rabbi Hoffman, a former תלמיד of ישיבת נר ישראל and long standing member of its Kollel, עבודת לוי, merited to be a תלמיד מובהק of Harav Yosef Tendler, זצ”ל, and to have a daily סדר with him for more than 20 years. He was also a תלמיד of  Harav Yaakov Moshe Kulefsky, זצ”ל, who regularly asked him to substitute when he was unable to give his שיעורים in the Baltimore community. Before opening Ohr HaTorah, Rabbi Hoffman was an active Rebbe in different capacities including serving as a popular Rebbe of Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim’s Bais Medrash.

YG Ohr Hatorah-7595Rabbi Moshe Aharon Rosenbaum, Rosh Yeshiva

Before founding Ohr HaTorah, Rabbi Rosenbaum learned in ישיבת נר ישראל, where he received semicha.  For close to ten years, he studied under Harav Tzvi Berkowitz שליט”א, developing a close relationship to him and gaining a  מהלך in learning and השקפה. With his energetic and amicable personality, Rabbi Rosenbaum engages and inspires bochurim, and with his creative abilities to build tools to help the bochurim grow in learning.


R' BentzionRabbi Benzion Lapidus, Rebbe

Joining Ohr HaTorah in its second year, Rabbi Lapidus has quickly become a very popular Rebbe. His approachable and friendly personality, combined with patience and ability to explain the most difficult of concepts is an inviting combination for any bochur. After learning in Passaic, and then studying more than a decade under Rav Yaakov Friedman of Beitar, Rabbi Lapidus’ shiur stimulates and engages the bochurim.


Rabbi Daniel Wilhelm, Shoel Umeishiv

A talmid of Rabbi Meir Stern shlita, and Harav Meir Soleveitchek shlita, Rabbi Wilhelm returned from many years in Eretz Yisrael in time for the 2017-2018 year. His wide range of yedios, and clear cut method of crystallizing any sugya, challenges and brings out the best of every bochur.


Rabbi Dovid Bacharach, Shoel Umeishiv

A member of Ohr Hatorah since its inception, Rabbi Bacharach brings a freshness to the Bais Medrash each day. His practical and level headed style opens the Gemara on every level. A master of clarifying difficult concepts, his “stage sheets” and bechinos ensure the each Talmid is reaching their potential.


Rabbi Yosef Wagner, Halacha Seder

A musmach of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel, Rabbi Wagner oversees the daily Halacha Seder and shiur. His encyclopedic knowledge and attention to detail makes every topic relevant. In addition to the daily shiur and seder, Rabbi Wagner serves as the Posek for Halacha matters that arise in the Yeshiva.


Rabbi Yonah Yaakov Lapidus, Dormitory Mashgiach

The Ohr Hatorah Family would not be complete without the selfless dedication of Rabbi Lapidus. Available to the Bochurim late into the night for any matter that comes up, Rabbi Lapidus upholds the standard of the dormitory as part of the Talmidim’s growth.


Rabbi Yisrael Friedland, Executive Director

A graduate of the inaugural class of the Torah Umesorah Leadership and Fundraising Academy (TULFA) in 2013, Rabbi Friedland oversees the administrative, operational and development branch of the Yeshiva.