The annual Siyum Hashanah brings joyous reflection and recognition of growth. Every one of our 40 Talmidim and 20 Kollel Yungerleit have shteiged tremendously and the simcha is palpable. The accomplishments are evident – הבנה in the סוגיות, clarity in the ראשונים, אחרונים and פוסקים and being מסיים the entire מסכת שבת!

Each of our עמודי התורה add to the תורה of our הבית המדרש in their unique way. From giving shiurim and vaadim to exemplifying the יגיעה of a Kollel yungerman to a steady presence in the nightly Alumni Kinyan Hamesechta Chabura, R’ Moshe Herzog, R’ Moshe Snow and R’ Raphael Kleinman are truly worthy of being known as the עמוד בית המדרש, עמוד הכולל and עמוד הבגורים respectively.

The Aluf Neurai Initiative encourages supporting Ohr Hatorah with $1,000 or more over a year. Many alumni and friends have made the commitment at $83/month and its impact has benefited the Yeshiva greatly. As we reflect on the year, we recognize the 122 members who proudly call themselves חברי אלוף נעורי.

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